The Best Baby Walkers: Our Recommendations for Your Tiny Tot


It’s a question every parent has asked themselves: which best baby walker for my baby?

As a concerned parent, you want the very best for your little one. Their mobility and independence are developing rapidly, and you’re eager to find ways to support their growth in a safe, engaging manner.

A baby walker can be an excellent choice for helping new walkers gain confidence and balance while exploring the world around them. However, with so many options on the market, how do you choose a high-quality baby walker that will delight your child without breaking the bank?

We’ve done the research for you and are pleased to present our recommendations for the best baby walkers based on safety, entertainment, adjustability, and budget. Read on for our top picks to find a baby walker that will have your tiny tot walking with confidence in no time.

What Is a Baby Walker?

A baby walker is a device designed to help infants who are learning to walk. It typically consists of a padded seat surrounded by a rigid frame that moves on wheels or casters. The walker allows a baby to move freely while supporting their weight as they cruise around, all while helping to strengthen leg muscles and improve balance in preparation for independent walking.

For many parents, a baby walker seems like an easy solution to keep a baby entertained while allowing them more freedom to move. However, there are some important safety considerations to keep in mind. Because walkers move freely, they can pose risks like falls down stairs or injuries from grabbing objects. Experts recommend using stationary activity centers instead, which provide similar benefits without the risks.

If you do choose a walker, select a model that is specifically designed for the proper developmental stage, usually around 4 to 6 months when a baby can sit upright unassisted. Look for safety mechanisms like wheel locks, non-skid pads, and seats that recline only slightly. Never use a walker on elevated surfaces or near stairs. Always keep one hand on the baby for support and supervision.

With some precautions and close monitoring, baby walkers can be used safely and help motivate little ones in the early stages of walking. But a stationary activity center is typically a safer option that provides similar benefits for development. Carefully consider your baby’s needs and your own peace of mind before deciding which product is right for your situation.

Benefits of Using a Baby Walker

Using a baby walker offers several benefits for infants.

First, baby walkers help infants develop motor skills and coordination. As babies push the walker around, they are building strength in their legs and core muscles. The act of moving the walker also helps babies develop balance and hand-eye coordination.

Second, baby walkers keep infants entertained. The wheels and attached toys stimulate babies and give them an activity to focus their attention on. This can help reduce fussiness and encourage independent play.

Finally, baby walkers promote mobility and independence. Once babies can maneuver the walker, they gain a sense of freedom and the ability to explore on their own. This helps build confidence and independence in infants at a young age.

However, there are some safety precautions to keep in mind. Walkers can pose risks like falls down stairs or collisions with furniture if left unattended. Parents should install safety gates to block access to stairs and keep the walker in a confined space away from hazards. The walker should only be used when an adult is present and supervising the baby.

With some safety precautions taken, baby walkers can be an excellent tool for development and entertainment for infants. The benefits to motor skills, coordination, and independence make baby walkers a useful product for babies and parents alike.

Important Safety Features to Look For

When choosing a baby walker for your little one, safety should be a top priority. Several key features can help ensure your baby’s security and wellbeing.

Sturdy Construction

Look for a walker made of durable, high-quality materials that can withstand bumps and tumbles. Metal or hard plastics are good options. Avoid walkers with lots of small parts that could break off. The walker should feel very stable and secure when your baby leans or pulls up on it.

Adjustable Height

The walker should adjust to the proper height for your baby. If it’s too short, your baby won’t be able to move comfortably and their back could strain. If it’s too tall, they could tip the walker over. Most quality walkers will adjust to accommodate babies from around 6 to 18 months. Measure your baby’s inseam height for the best fit.

Extra Padding

Thick padding, especially around the leg openings and seat, helps prevent pinching and ensures your baby’s comfort. The padding should be securely attached, with no loose edges or parts. It should also be easy to wipe clean in case of spills or diaper leaks.

Locking Mechanisms

A walker with multiple locking mechanisms, like wheel locks, prevents the walker from moving until your baby is ready. This avoids the walker sliding away or tipping over when your baby first pulls up or leans on it. The locks should be easy for you to engage but difficult for your baby to manipulate.

Non-Skid Safety Strips

Look for a walker with non-skid pads, strips or a wide, textured base. These provide traction on wooden, tile and linoleum floors so the walker is less likely to slide out from under your baby. The strips should run under the entire base of the walker for maximum security.

Following these recommendations will ensure you choose a baby walker that keeps your little one safe, secure and happily mobile. Their comfort, development and wellbeing should be the top priorities when making this important purchase.

The Best Baby Walkers: Our Recommendations for Your Tiny Tot

When choosing a baby walker for your little one, safety, durability and functionality should be top priorities. Based on these factors, here are our top recommendations:

  • The Joovy Spoon Walker is a popular, well-rated choice for many parents. It is wider than most walkers, providing extra stability, and has non-slip stair pads for safety. The oversized wheels allow for easy mobility over carpet and hard floors. The removable tray inserts and machine washable seat pad make it easy to clean.
  • The Safety 1st Durable Walker is another highly-rated option. It has a sturdy steel frame with non-skid pads, as well as safety brake pads to prevent falls down stairs. The padded, machine washable seat and tray cover provide comfort for your baby. An added bonus is the attached toys to keep your little one entertained.
  • The Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker is an affordable alternative. It converts from a walker to a stationary activity center to a walker. The electronic toy bar with sounds and lights will stimulate your baby. However, some parents note it may be slightly less stable than other options.
  • The Chicco Walky Talky Walker’s simple but sturdy design, braking system and adjustable height make it a solid choice. It has a padded, washable seat and front bumper to protect your walls. The attached toys feature sounds and lights to entertain your baby. While highly rated, some note the walker can be on the heavier side.
  • For a combo walker and jumper, consider the Evenflo ExerSaucerJump and Learn Walker. It provides stable support for babies learning to walk, with jumping features for when they need more stimulation. The variety of attached toys will keep your little one engaged for hours. However, some say it can be difficult to move across carpet or thresholds.

In summary, you can’t go wrong with a baby walker that prioritizes your child’s safety, engages their senses, and adjusts to their developing abilities. Our top recommendations provide the essential features to support your baby’s growth into an independent toddler.

Here are our top picks for the best baby walker:

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Walker – Our #1 Pick

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Walker

Our top recommendation for a baby walker is the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Walker. This walker provides stimulating activities to keep your baby engaged, all while helping them learn how to walk.

Engaging Activities

The Neighborhood Symphony Walker features a variety of activities for babies. It has an upright piano, spinning gears, and light-up buttons that play music. It also has a steering wheel, horn, and other car-themed activities. These interactive toys will keep your baby entertained for hours while also helping develop motor and cognitive skills.

Adjustable Height

The walker has three height positions so you can adjust it as your baby grows. The padded seat is also very comfortable for your baby. The walker’s sturdy wheels allow for smooth mobility on both carpeted and hard floor surfaces.

Safety Features

Safety is also a top priority for Baby Einstein. The Neighborhood Symphony Walker has non-skid pads to prevent the walker from slipping. It also has a wide base for stability and dual front wheels that swivel to allow easy maneuvering. An entertainer tray also prevents smaller toys from dropping to the floor.

For an engaging walker that helps babies learn to walk in a fun, interactive way, you can’t go wrong with the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Walker. With various activities to keep your tiny tot entertained, adjustable height, padded seat, and important safety features, this walker is perfect for babies and parents alike. We highly recommend this as our number one choice for the best baby walker.

Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – Best Baby Walker

Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

From baby steps to big steps the Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker by VTech helps your baby develop from a crawler to a walker through adaptive technology. With a barnyard of playful friends to cheer them on, your little one will have endless fun as they learn to walk.

The Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is our top pick for the best baby walker. This walker provides sturdy support for your little one as they are learning to walk. It has an adjustable height to suit babies of different sizes, from 9 months to 3 years.

The walker features colorful lights, sounds and interactive toys to keep your baby stimulated. It plays over 70 songs, sounds and phrases to help develop motor and cognitive skills. The walker has a removable play panel for floor play. It includes shape sorters, light-up piano keys, spinning gears, and other activities.

For safety, the walker has grip strips to prevent slipping and an easy-to-adjust brake system. The wide base provides stability as your baby is walking. The walker requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

This walker is ideal for babies ready to stand and walk with support. The adjustable height and interactive toys will keep little ones engaged as they build confidence walking. The Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker receives very good reviews from parents for its sturdiness, adjustability and entertainment features. At around $40, this walker provides great value for helping your baby achieve their walking milestones.

Overall, the Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a walker to help encourage your baby to stand, walk and have fun while developing motor and cognitive skills. This walker should keep little ones happily occupied for hours of play and learning.

Joovy Spoon Walker – Runner Up Pick

Joovy Spoon Walker

The Joovy Spoon Baby Walker is a great choice for little ones learning to walk, and will grow with them long after they master walking.

The Joovy Spoon Walker is a top contender for the best baby walker. This walker features a super-sized tray that is ideal for snacks and toys to keep your little one entertained. The extra-large wheels provide mobility over carpets and hard floors.

For your baby’s safety, the Spoon Walker has a non-slip stair pads and a wide base to prevent tipping. The seat pad is supportive, machine washable, and helps keep your baby comfortable. The Spoon Walker is adjustable to three different height positions to accommodate your growing baby.

An additional benefit of the Joovy Spoon Walker is that it folds flat for storage and travel. The Spoon Walker comes in a variety of bright colors to suit any taste. At under $80, the Spoon Walker provides excellent value for its features.

Some downsides to consider with the Joovy Spoon Walker are that the wheels can potentially scuff or scratch hard floors, and the tray does not have a removable insert. The Spoon Walker may be too wide to fit through some doorways.

In summary, the Joovy Spoon Walker is a top choice for baby walkers due to its safety features, entertainment options, and affordability. The extra-large wheels and sturdy build allow babies to move freely and safely. The machine washable seat pad and adjustable height positions enable extended use. If you’re looking for an excellent baby walker at a reasonable price, the Joovy Spoon Walker should be at the top of your list.

 Best Baby Walker Best Baby Walker

Safety 1st Sounds ‘N Lights Discovery Walker – Budget Pick

Safety 1st Sounds ‘N Lights Discovery Walker

The Safety 1st Sounds ‘N Lights Discovery Walker is an excellent budget-friendly option for families. This walker features electronic sounds and lights to stimulate your baby during play.

Adjustable Height

The walker has three height positions so you can adjust it as your baby grows. Start with the lowest setting for new walkers and raise it up as their legs get longer and walking skills improve. The walker should be set at a height where your baby’s feet can touch the floor to push off, while their torso remains upright.

Entertainment Center

The activity tray has plenty of lights, sounds and textures to keep your little one engaged. It plays over 20 melodies and sounds. A spinning ball and other manipulative toys help develop motor and cognitive skills. The walker is ideal for children 4 months up to 26 lbs who can sit unassisted.

Safety Features

This walker has several safety mechanisms to protect your child. The wide base prevents tipping, and the non-skid pads keep it in place on floors. The walker cannot move on uneven surfaces or over edges that could cause falls. The durable, easy-to-clean seat pad is also machine washable.


When not in use, the Sounds ‘N Lights Discovery Walker folds flat for easy storage under a bed or in a closet. Its lightweight yet sturdy design makes it portable enough to move from room to room so your baby has constant entertainment and opportunities for walking practice around the home.

For an affordable baby walker that stimulates development and safely assists new walkers, the Safety 1st Sounds ‘N Lights Discovery Walker is a premier choice for families on a budget. Its adjustable height, engaging electronic tray, safety features, and foldable design make it a practical option for in-home use during those critical first walking months.

Chicco Dance Walker – Most Fun Pick

Chicco DJ Baby Walker

The Chicco Dance Walker is our top pick for the most fun baby walker. This walker features an electronic play tray to keep your little one entertained. It plays music and sounds to stimulate your baby during playtime and encourage walking.

Chicco DJ Baby Walker is a great value walker that’s suitable for a range of ages. The stroller can be used with or without the bassinet, which means you can use it as an ordinary stroller or as a travel system. It also comes in two different colors: black and white.

Electronic Play Tray

The highlight of this walker is the electronic play tray. It features lights, sounds and music to keep babies engaged. There are also spinning toys, sliders and other activities on the tray to help develop motor and cognitive skills. The tray can be removed so your baby can play with some of their own toys as well.

Adjustable Height

The Chicco Dance Walker has three different height positions so you can adjust it as your baby grows. The padded seat is also adjustable to provide proper support and comfort for your baby. The base is also very sturdy to prevent tipping as your baby cruises around.

Washable and Foldable

The seat pad on the Chicco Dance Walker is machine washable, making it easy to clean up spills and messes. The walker is also very compact and folds flat for storage and travel. This is a great feature for smaller living spaces or if you want to take the walker on trips.

Safety Features

There are also useful safety features built into this walker. The base is slip resistant and the wheels lock to prevent falls. There is also a sturdy grab bar for your baby to hold onto. An anti-skid brake system prevents the walker from rolling down stairs or other inclines.

The Chicco Dance Walker combines entertainment and learning with useful safety features for your baby. The fun electronic tray and music will stimulate your baby during play while giving you peace of mind with the adjustable height, compact fold and anti-skid brake system. This walker aims to please both babies and parents.


The Small Foot Wooden Toys Premium Sweet Elephant Baby Walker

The Small Foot Wooden Toys Premium Sweet Elephant Baby Walker

This elephant themed rainbow baby walker made of wood offers multifunctional play and learn fun on 5 sides. The rainbow and its colors are a central design element. When inserting shapes, pushing it and turning over elements, novice walkers will train their motor skills and learn colours, shapes and numbers.

The Small Foot Wooden Toys Premium Sweet Elephant Baby Walker is a top choice for tiny tots. This high-quality wooden walker provides sturdy support for babies learning to walk.

Adjustable Height

The walker’s height is adjustable to three positions, allowing it to grow with your baby. For small babies just learning to walk, set the walker to the lowest height. As balance and leg strength improve, adjust the walker to the middle and then highest height. The adjustable height helps keep babies at the optimal level to hold onto the walker as they cruise around.

Non-Slip Pads

This walker features non-slip pads on the base to prevent sliding on hardwood and tile floors. The non-slip pads give babies more stability and confidence as they learn to walk, allowing them to focus on balancing and steering the walker. The non-slip pads are also helpful for caretakers by reducing the risk of falls.

Safe, Eco-Friendly Materials

Constructed from high-quality wood and painted with non-toxic paints, this walker is eco-friendly and safe for babies. The wood construction is sturdy yet lightweight, so babies can easily move the walker. All edges and corners are rounded and sanded smooth to prevent injuries.

Encourages Development

Pushing a baby walker helps strengthen leg muscles and improves balance, coordination, and motor skills. The wooden toys and beads on the front of the walker stimulate senses and hand-eye coordination. With its adjustable height, safety features, and developmental benefits, the Small Foot Wooden Toys Premium Sweet Elephant Baby Walker is an excellent choice for babies learning to walk.

Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘N Lights Discovery Baby Walker

Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘N Lights

Make your child’s first steps fun and easy with the Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Baby Walker with Activity Tray. Along with a wide extra-stable base, this adjustable baby walker features three different height settings to provide the best fit for your child.

If you are looking for the best baby walker on the market, then look no further. Safety 1st has come up with their Dino Sounds ‘N Lights Discovery Baby Walker. This baby walker features all kinds of fun dinosaur sounds and lights that will keep your little one entertained for hours!

Editor’s Choice

If you’re looking for a baby walker that’s both budget-friendly and stylish, this is your best bet. The Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘N Lights Discovery Baby Walker has everything you need in a baby walker: it has an adjustable seat height (up to 30 inches), lots of colorful lights and sounds, parent controls so you can customize it to your child’s needs, and even a remote control so your little one can enjoy the experience without having their hands full with buttons. It also comes with four wheels which makes it easy to move around when needed!

The only downside? You’ll have some work on cleaning up after each use—but if you do this once per week or so then no big deal!

The Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘N Lights Discovery Baby Walker is an excellent choice for active, engaged babies ready to start walking. This colorful walker features lights, sounds and activities to keep babies entertained for hours.

Stimulating Activities

The walker tray has numerous activities to stimulate your baby, including a spinning ball popper, flipping doors, and sliding beads. The electronic tray plays music, sounds and lights up with the flip of a switch. These engaging toys will delight your baby and keep them happily occupied.

Adjustable Height

The walker has three height positions so you can adjust it as your baby grows. For younger babies, set the walker lower to the ground so they can easily get in and out, and raise it as their legs strengthen and they become more mobile. The padded, machine washable seat provides support and comfort for your baby.

Safety Features

This walker has essential safety features to protect your baby. The wide base prevents the walker from tipping over or getting stuck in doorways. Non-skid pads reduce sliding on hard floors. An easy-access on/off switch lets you control when the electronic tray is activated.

The Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘N Lights Discovery Baby Walker provides stimulating activities to engage your baby in an adjustable, mobile activity center. With essential safety features and machine washable parts, this walker will delight babies for months to come. If you’re looking for a fun, interactive walker to encourage your baby’s development, the Safety 1st Discovery Baby Walker is an superb option for your tiny tot.

Best Budget

Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘N Lights Discovery Baby Walker is a budget-friendly product that comes with great features and durability. It has a sturdy construction, which means you can use it for years to come. The wheels are made of plastic and are not hard to move once they’re on, making it easy for your little one to travel around the house or park in the driveway.

The Dino sounds are cute and fun, but they may become annoying if you have other kids in the house who want to hear them as well! The lights on this baby walker will also keep your child entertained for hours at night (or during nap time). All in all, this is one of our favorite products because it provides value without breaking the bank—and it’s definitely worth buying if you’re looking for something durable without paying too much money upfront!

How to choose a good baby walker

So many pediatricians ban it altogether, so many pedagogical systems deplore its use. Yet the baby walker continues to be a much sought-after item among baby care essentials. The reason is that it gives the baby a chance to explore the world around him and train his leg muscles, providing some relief for parents.

As with any other object dedicated to the care of the swaddled baby, the ever-valid rule is to strike the right balance between proper use and use that should be avoided. Thus the baby walker can be a suitable tool for relieving the burden of responsibility for caring for the baby from time to time.

It is important to remember that the task of caring for the baby should not be delegated to this tool and that optimal times of use should not exceed twenty minutes per day.

Encourage and not hinder motor development

For a baby walker to do its job well, it is important to make sure that certain precautions are followed. In fact, at this stage the child’s physiological development is very delicate and in the midst of formation, so care must be taken to encourage it without hindering it.

One must carefully observe the posture that the baby assumes and remember that his muscles, as well as his bones are still immature and therefore different from the physiology of an adult.

Attention should also be paid to the movement of the head, which should be free to orient itself in space. The back must also be carefully observed, remembering that the natural kyphosis, the C-shape, must be protected at least for the first year of life. So it should be noted if the baby’s back arches in the opposite direction.

Another important element to consider concerns foot posture. Supported by the seat, the little one merely rests his toes and in this alters the natural development of the leg muscles.

The ideal use of the walker should be limited to the months when he is beginning to stand upright and does not yet have sufficient strength to maintain it. So he needs support to help support him.

It is good to remember that the object should not replace the support he receives from his parents holding his hand or holding him under his arms. This gesture not only has an important value in acquiring the necessary emotional security that comes from contact with reference adults, but also allows for natural and correct development of the muscles.

Safety systems

So, walker yes but in moderation and always paying close attention to the safety of the child. In particular, it is important to check that the posture assumed while using the walker is correct. Those that offer a higher backrest are certainly more cozy and comfortable and therefore improve the baby’s sitting and posture.

Another safety element is determined by the presence of the blocks that brake the walker if there are stairs or unevenness in the house. A special brake system is provided to limit the travel of the little one who does not yet have the ability to assess risks and dangers around him.

Care must also be taken with regard to casters. In fact, it is not advisable to offer the little one models that have a free ride, but it is always preferable to limit the movement slightly so that he or she cannot take a running start.

The best materials for a walker

Plastic remains the material par excellence for this type of baby care accessory. And in fact it is much easier to find good models made of this material.

The advantage over wooden models is that they are lighter and therefore easier to steer, and the baby can use them freely.

In addition, in case of collisions with furniture and other objects along the way there is no danger of doing damage. It is important that the plastic is of good quality. So that it is sturdy and durable, not prone to sagging and breaking with use. In addition, product certification also ensures about the absence of potentially hazardous substances. The little one will certainly end up tasting some part of the walker, so it is important to be sure that its safety is not questioned.

We hope that this list has given you a general idea of what kind of walker your little one will need, but if you need further help, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help!See Also:

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Baby Walkers FAQ – Your Top Questions Answered

Baby walkers are a popular product for many parents, allowing tiny tots to move around freely before they can walk steadily on their own. However, walkers also present some safety concerns. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about baby walkers.

Are baby walkers safe?

Baby walkers can pose risks like falls down stairs, collisions, and access to hazards. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not using baby walkers at all due to safety issues. However, if you do choose to use a walker, closely supervise your baby at all times and use safety gates to restrict access to stairs and other dangers. Look for walkers with braking mechanisms, non-skid pads, and seat belts.

What age can a baby use a walker?

Most walkers specify an age range of 4 to 12 months for use. However, every baby develops differently, so use your best judgment based on your baby’s skills and size. Wait until your baby can sit upright unassisted and has head/neck control before using a walker. Watch to ensure your baby’s feet can touch the floor to properly move the walker.

How long should a baby use a walker?

Limit time in the walker to 10-15 minutes at a time, a few times per day. This helps prevent overstimulation and ensures your baby still has opportunities for tummy time, crawling, and other developmentally appropriate activities. Once your baby starts walking independently, walkers are no longer necessary and may delay walking progression.

What features should I look for in a baby walker?

Look for a walker with wheels that spin 360 degrees, an adjustable height, padded seat, washable seat pad, sturdy build, and entertainment features like sounds, lights and activities. Ensure any toys or activities are securely attached and do not pose a choking hazard. Additional safety features to consider include anti-skid pads, wheel brakes, and a 5-point harness.

Using a baby walker can be an enjoyable experience for both you and your little one, as long as you take proper safety precautions. Closely supervising your baby and restricting time in the walker will help ensure healthy development and minimize risks. If you have any concerns about using a walker, be sure to discuss with your pediatrician.


So there you have it, the best baby walkers on the market to help get your little one up and moving. With options at various price points and styles, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and budget. As your baby develops, a walker can provide entertainment and help build leg strength and balance in a fun, engaging way. However, be sure to always keep safety in mind and follow the recommendations for proper usage. With the right precautions and supervision, a baby walker can be a wonderful tool to help encourage mobility and growth during this exciting stage of development. The journey from crawling to walking is a magical one, and a baby walker can help make the transition smooth and enjoyable for both you and your tiny tot.